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Check It Out!!! Footprint Premium Recycled Paint – $8-12/Gallon!!

Our website, www.footprintpaint.com is updated weekly with colors and availability.


Footprint Premium Recycled Paint

“We all leave a mark…make yours Eco-Friendly!!”

At only $8-12/Gallon, get a great value for quality paint!

We are offering a line of approximately 20 colors; off white, red, yellow, light brown, light green, dark green, dark brown, blue, light gray, beige, pink, purple, black and dark gray. The actual colors will vary per batch (depending on incoming recycled paint), but will be manufactured in approximately 50 gallon batches, so there will be plenty to go around.

Old Western Paint has been taking in recycled paint for over 50 years now. We have given our customers an alternative to disposing of and/or drying up their unused latex/acrylic paint. All the paint that is brought to us is reducing what goes into landfills! We then re-purpose it into our Brand new Line: Footprint Premium Recycled Paint.

How we recycle/reprocess for reuse: Take unused, overrun and leftover paint (any brand of paint) Check material for usability Separate material for specific uses (interior, exterior, color, primer, etc.) Blend materials together with high dispersion mills Process with additives needed to insure quality and freshness Test for: quality, sheen, dry time, hiding strength, viscosity and adhesion Filter through a 300 micron or finer filter Fill into recycled DOT approved packaging Apply certified labels for product identification Supply MSDS for all recycle/reprocessed paint products

We are open Monday through Friday, 7am – 5pm. Please stop in and see us, or call 303-825-5147 for more information.

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